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Niall Williams


Niall, born in Dublin in ’58, studied English and French literature at University College Dublin and graduated with a Master’s in Modern American Literature. He moved to New York in ’80 where he married Christine Breen, whom he had met while she was also at UCD. He worked in a bookshop and later as a copywriter for Avon Books in NYC. They moved on April 1st to make a life as writers and artists to the cottage that Chris’s grandfather had left, eighty years before. Niall’s first four books were about life in Kiltumper and were co-written with Chris. He’s also written several plays. In ’91 his first play ‘The Murphy Initiative’ was staged at The Abbey Theatre in Dublin. His second play, ‘A Little Like Paradise’ was produced on the Peacock stage of The Abbey Theatre in ’95. His third play, ‘The Way You Look Tonight,’ was produced by Galway’s famous Druid Theatre Company in ’99.


Niall Williams and Christine Breen

Niall’s first novel was ‘Four Letters of Love.’ Published in ’97, it went on to become an international bestseller and has been published in over twenty countries. His second novel, ‘As it is in Heaven’ was published in ’99 and short-listed for the Irish Times Literature Prize. His third novel, ‘The Fall of Light’ was published in Britain and Ireland, France, Italy and America, and long-listed for the International Impac Dublin Literary Award. His fourth novel was ‘Only Say The Word’, published in ’05. There followed ‘Boy in the World,’ published in ’07, and its sequel, ‘Boy and Man’ the following year.  Niall’s seventh novel was ‘John.’

His last novel, ‘History of the Rain’, was LONGLISTED for THE MAN BOOKER PRIZE 2014. Niall has written a number of screenplays, including the screenplay of ‘Four Letters of Love.’ He has undertaken several commissions for BBC television.

Christine Breen

Of Irish ancestry, raised in Katonah, New York and educated in Boston, Christine worked for Little, Brown and Company before taking time to study for a masters’ degree in Anglo-Irish Literature at University College, Dublin where she met Niall Williams. Married in New York she worked as a freelance editor, gardener, and also as a copyeditor at the American Journal of Medicine. After the couple’s move to Clare she founded along with five craft workers an artist-run co-operative called Clare Craft and Design in Ennis where she sold her paintings, and pen and ink sketches.

So Many Miles to Paradise  the chronicle, written by Christine, of her family’s trip around the world was published in Ireland by Townhouse Books in ’05.

During ’11 she was part of the National Academy of Writing in London and her first novel, Her Name is Rose, was published by St. Martin’s Press in NY in 2015.  Trade paperback come out in July 2016.  She is at work on her second novel, Year of Two Blue Moons. Also in development are five children’s stories two of which are in collaboration with Niall.  She has written dozens of columns on health, gardening, and travel for The Clare People, a regional newspaper, and her debut novel was translated into Turkish and Polish.

A registered member of the Irish Society of Homeopaths, Christine has been a practicing homeopath for over fifteen years. She also does occasional garden design, most recently for the Old Ground Hotel in Ennis, and offers gardening advice and garden coaching.

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