The ‘Kiltumper’ Books

Kiltumper Kitchen

Christine’s oil painting, The Crooked Kitchen, of the original kitchen in Kiltumper Cottage

Niall and Christine wrote four non-fiction books about living in the west of Ireland during the years 1985 – 1995. Originally published by Soho Press in NYC, the first one,  O Come Ye Back to Ireland: Our First Year in County Clare is now available as an ebook.

“Perceptive and balanced and altogether delightful.”  –Chicago Tribune

“Their tale is a delightful romance.”  –The New York Times Book review

“This charming little book is about all the surprises that come from living out a dream.”  -San Francisco Chronicle

“Simple, sincere and succinct…A delightful book.”  –Kansas City Star


So Many Miles to Paradise


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In September 2002 Christine and Niall and their children began a nine-month adventure around the world. So Many Miles to Paradise is Breen’s engaging and inspirational account of this journey – the like of which most will only dream about. The highs and lows—excitement, joy, disappointment, and even fear—are intensified. Whether trapezing through the Costa Rican jungle, celebrating Christmas on a farm in Chile, or toasting life with a glassful of 10,000-year-old ice in Patagonia, she reminds us that some risks are worth taking. On this revelatory journey  Christine re-imagines herself as wife, mother, sister and writer. (Available on Smashwords here.)